Why GeoMax™



In roads, railways, sewers and slope applications, etc, soft and/or weak soils can be encountered. The traditional way is to fill with expensive materials, which could be costly and time consuming. However, there is an effective alternative method, by using a Fibrelok GeoMax™ system directly on the sub base. Cells are then filled with readily available granular materials and compacted


GeoMax™ provides a great solution and economical way significantly improving the performance of soils by confining and stabilising them in the High-strength network of interconnected cells. The GeoMax solution means to challenge soil stability problems in a variety of applications.




Fibrelok GeoMax™ Cellular Confinement System

Tree root protection you.

Product Description

The Geomax cellular confinement system has been designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials.


Geomax is a lightweight, flexible mat made of high density polyethylene strips. These strips are ultrasonically bonded together to form an extremely strong, honeycomb configuration. A variety of fill materials can be placed within the confinement system: soil, sand, aggregate, concrete, etc. Used for applications such as ground stabilisation, slope erosion control, retaining walls, driveways, tree root protection and embankments.






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