Trinter Erosion Control Mesh

Product Description

TRINTER is a volumetric geomat made from high density polyethylene and designed to control erosion. It guarantees permanent protection against soil erosion from the moment of its installation.

TRINTER is easy to install and is highly resistant to degradation. It can be used on all types of sloping ground. Easy to unroll and lay, it fixes recently installed soils and plantings to perfection, preventing them from becoming waterlogged or swept away. It provides protection prior to vegetation.

TRINTER allows good germination and facilitates the growth of vegetation. After only a few moths, the root network becomes interlaced with the TRINTER mesh, thereby stabilising the upper layer and allowing a deeper network of roots to develop over time. The vegetation then develops and reinforces the ground, guaranteeing a green and healthy environment.






  • Levelled areas and infills along roads, dual carriageways and railway lines.

  • River, canal and irrigation channel banks.

  • Reservoir, lake and pond dams.

  • Grass-covered landfills.

  • Entrances and exits of water channels.

  • Golf courses, lawns and residential areas.



      A cost effective solution for combating erosion on sloping grounds.

  • High soil retaining capacity.

  • Allows the re-use of topsoil extracted from the same site.

  • Adapts easily to the majority of ground types.

  • Effective protection from the moment of installation.

  • Easy to install.

  • TRINTER has the flexibility required to adhere to the surface of the slope.






      COLOUR                     TENSILE STRENGTH               ROLL SIZE


     BLACK                               3 KN                       2m x 25m








UPINS    Per Box 100 - 150mm x 6mm                                            

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