Biaxial and Uniaxial Geogridst you.

Product Description

Tensar SS geogrids are used in the stabilisation of soils and aggregates in construction of structures such as road pavements, working platforms and foundations. Tensar SS biaxial geogrids can solve ground stabilisation problems because they interlock very efficiently with granular materials. When granular particles are compacted over these grids, they partially penetrate and project through the apertures to create a rigid and positive interlock.

Tensar SS geogrids have been used around the world, under a wide variety of climates and soil conditions to solve difficult ground stabilisation or site access problems. Tensar SS biaxial geogrids have been given accreditation by a number of independent government and other certifying agencies around the world and are manufactured in accordance with Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

The triangular structure of TriAx™ geogrids, coupled with increased rib thickness and junction efficiency, greatly improves aggregate interlock and confinement – leading to optimal structural performance of the mechanically stabilised layer.

When combined with a suitable aggregate, TriAx™ produces a mechanically stabilised layer with unrivalled performance in ground stabilisation and sub-base reinforcement that out-performs conventional biaxial geogrids.


The multi-directional properties of TriAx™provides near isotropic performance under wheel loads that act radially through the pavement layers.


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