Fibrelok Contractor 100 - 2m x 50m
Contractor 100 Professional Plus Weed Control is not only a weed control membrane that does away with the use of chemicals, and can be laid directly on to strimmed vegetation, it is also a stabiliser geotextile which can be used in trafficked applications - providing there are no objects that could penetrate the Contractor 100 Weed Control, and the area is covered over with a mulch, the Contractor 100 is guaranteed for 40 years.
Contractor is a woven membrane geotextile which allows all the correct things to pass like air and liquids whilst preventing 100 percent of weeds from penetrating. Please note: Contractor 100 is not suitable for drainage applications and certain weeds like couch grass, mare's tail and certain bulbs may penetrate Contractor 100 especially if the membrane is stretched when laying.
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Contractor 100 Professional Plus Weed Control - Details:

  • 2.0m x 50m Roll 
  • 95gsm Membrane
  • Fallow areas, creating Organic Soli
  • Under Decking without mulch( lifespan without mulch 7-9 Years)
  • Aggregate Drives
  • Car Parking areas & road construction
  • Under Celluar grids
  • Patios & paved areas
  • Tennis Courts & Golf Courses
  • Nursery Poly Tunnels
  • Horse Arenas

Fibrelok Contractor Woven Geotextile 2m x 50m Length